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how to build a deck for canvas tent

A well-built platform will protect your tent from water and other damage, turning your canvas tent into a practical, long-lasting shelter. Follow our step-by-step guide to build a beautiful tent platform that will last a lifetime.

Making your own tent platform is a fun project you can accomplish in a weekend with some basic supplies. Follow our step-by-step instructions to design and build your own tent platform. The lumber sizes listed here are standard, but you can get custom-cut beams at logging yards and home improvement stores.

What you need to know when setting up a tent platform?

Tent platforms are great if you want to pitch your tent on uneven ground, or if you just like the look of them.

Which tent platform is right for you?

There are many factors that determine which type of platform is best for you: budget, location, and material choices. That's why there is no standard answer on how to set up a tent, but we can show you how to set up a tent on a platform.

Every platform is different and unique, just like every tent owner.

One thing to know about our tents is that they can be placed directly on flat ground - that's what they're built for. The reason is that they come with a heavy-duty "bathtub" mat that rises 12 cm (4¾") above the tent sidewall, creating a watertight basin for even the harshest conditions Also stays dry. Winter or downpour.

How to pitch a tent on a platform

A platform may be necessary if you have uneven ground or steep slopes. Your platform design, size, shape and materials are up to you or your choice of specialist contractor.

The most important part of pitching a tent on a deck is getting the exact same shape and angle of the cables as pitching a tent on level ground.

Use screws to attach floor mats to your deck with grommets - not elastic rings. Add a washer to increase the size of the screw head so it doesn't slip over the floor mat grommet.

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