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hard top roof top tent australia

Hard Top Roof Top Tent Australia

Hard-shell roof tents are now becoming more and more popular in Australia. Some even say rooftop tents originated in Australia, as travelers wanted to spend the night on the ground, away from dangerous animals. For many Australians, camping isn't just a pastime - it's a way of life. Regular campers know that having the right gear makes all the difference.

Nothing is more convenient than a rooftop tent. Automated rooftop tents can make the difficult and labor-intensive process of tenting a thing of the past. Many can be set up in minutes and offer mattresses, flat sleeping areas and additional ladders for ultimate comfort.

how to side load roof top tent

Over time, manufacturers have improved the design of the tent that attaches to the top of the car. Before you needed a way to climb a tent, most tents now come with ladders.

You can find hard shell roof tents, roof tents with attachments, soft shell tents, inflatable tents...and more. They're a great option for inclement weather, easy to use, and probably the best option you can buy. Let's start by comparing the rooftop tents discussed in this article.

Why Choose a Hard Shell Roof Tent?

They can be set up and packaged faster

Lower profile when packing for easier loading into your garage

The lower profile is also more aerodynamic, so it uses less fuel (saving you money!) and doesn't wobble while driving

Lower center of gravity, therefore better vehicle handling and maneuverability

Requires less area to set up a tent (no poles, nails or drawstrings required)

Can carry extra camping gear or surfboard on top of the packed tent

Essentially, hard shell tents are great for those who move around a lot and change campsites on a regular basis.

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