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hard top roof top tent

Buyer's guide to the best hard-shell roof tents. From custom-colored tents to affordable options, Sunday Campers can meet your needs.

The introduction of hard-shell roof tents significantly changed the way we look at camping. You can put the tent on the roof of the car instead of putting it on the ground. Hard-shell roof tents are notorious for being easy to set up. Once you have the best rooftop tent, your camping trip will be significantly improved.

The Best Hard Top Roof Top Tent

Before we delve into some complex functions, we must consider which tents are suitable. Let's first take a look at the best monocoque roof tents on the market today.

The pros and cons of Sunday Campers rooftop tents


Low profile design

Durable aluminum honeycomb

Easy to set up

Comfortable mattress

Easy to set up

Durable polyester and canvas material


One of the easiest tents to open and close

how to install a roof top tent

Main features to consider before buying a Sunday Campers hard shell roof tent

If none of these hard-shell roof tents appeals to you, that's okay. After you are ready, you need to know how to choose the right roof tent. We did some research and found the correct function that many experts consider the most important. Before buying your next rooftop tent, you should remember the following features.

Internal capacity

Since you are buying a rooftop tent as a shelter, you need to remember how many people will sleep in it. To find the right tent, you need to check the size. Generally speaking, rooftop tents have an indication that will tell you how many people can be accommodated. However, some of them are tight and you may need to look for a size one size larger.

waterproof level

Almost every rooftop tent you buy will have something called an HH level. The HH or hydrostatic head rating refers to how durable the tent will be in wet weather conditions.

Weight and load-bearing capacity

Not every car is the same, you need to understand how sturdy your car is. The roof tent you choose should be comfortably installed on top of your car without causing damage.

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