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How to Choose the Best 4WD Shade Awning

1 Size 2 Side, Rear or Batwing / Foxwing Awning 3 Quality of Material and Fittings 4 Attachments 5 Weight

How to Choose the Best 4WD Shade Awning

To start with, you’re probably going to want to think about what size awning to purchase. The best size of your awning really comes down to what you’d like to put under it and your vehicle. In order to decide which is the right size for you, first of all, consider who will be likely seeking shelter under the awning. Will it be just you and a mate, or will you have your entire family under there? Will you just be having some chairs under there, or are you wanting enough space for a table and BBQ too? Once you’ve determined the size, you’ll then want to consider where you want the shade. Do you want shade at the side of your vehicle (which is most common), the rear of your vehicle or both? Most awnings are made from polyester cotton which comes in a variety of weights and is measured by GSM (grams per square metre). If you’re after a good quality car shade awning, look for ones around 300 gsm. Also, look for awnings with features such as UV resistant or have a reflective layer – these special coatings help keep the awning protected safe from the harsh sun, as well as keeping you protected from the sun and lower temperatures under the awning.

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