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How to Choose the Right Roof Top Tent?

Nov. 03, 2022

Roof top tents provide a safe, comfortable place to sleep while exploring the world of camping and the outdoors, and they are a great addition to your camping gear. Roof tents are not bad or damaging to your car. If you adhere to the weight limits of the particular car you own and follow the instructions for assembling a roof tent, you will not damage your car.

Car Camping Roof Top Tent For Sale SRT05S-47

However, if it is not installed correctly, it can come off your vehicle and cause serious damage. Therefore, precautions need to be taken and instructions followed when installing and assembling to avoid adverse effects on your vehicle. 

Is a Roof Top Tent Bad?

A roof top tent is not bad for your car if you are responsible and careful when assembling and mounting it to the roof. Roof tents are heavy and require at least two people to install. If you are not careful, the metal parts of the tent can scratch your car.

Will the Weight of the Roof Tent Affect Driving?

The weight of the tent is an important aspect to consider, as each car has a different load capacity. Here are some points to consider when looking for the right roof tent for your car.

Tent weight

The average weight of a rooftop tent is between 100-200 lbs. This will make it difficult for you to set up on your own. It is important to have at least two people set up the tent to avoid scratching or crushing the car in the process.

When considering what tent to buy, you need to consider your car. If you have a small car, you will buy a small tent, if you have  a large car, you can choose the tent that is right for you. Your vehicle will have a roof weight limit that can be found in its manual.

The weight your car can carry is very important because if overloaded it may damage the suspension of the car. Damaged suspensions can be an expensive fix. You must also consider the total weight your car can carry, as you will be packing other luggage while traveling.

There are two different types of weight limits to consider, static weight and driving weight.

Static weight of your car

Static weight is the weight capacity of your car when it is stationary, including all luggage and fuel. This is when packing or setting up for a camping trip. Static weight also includes people sleeping in or crawling in a tent. Your vehicle's static weight is the most prominent weight capacity your vehicle can carry. The weight capacity of each vehicle will vary.

Driving weight of your car

The driving weight, also known as the dynamic weight, is the amount of weight your car can carry while it is in motion. This weight is less than the static weight because wind resistance and other forces and energy are applied when your vehicle is in motion.

If your car had to carry the full static load while in motion, your car would be under stress. Careful calculation of dynamic weight is required so that you do not overuse your car while driving.

How Much Does a Roof Tent Affect Fuel Consumption?

The weight of your roof tent is an important factor in the amount of fuel used by your car. If your roof tent is light, averaging 100-150 pounds, then your vehicle will likely use less gas. If your roof tent weighs more than 150 pounds, your vehicle will use more gasoline.

The total weight your car carries while driving will also affect its gasoline usage. In this case, it is best to carry only the essentials when traveling.

A rooftop tent is more resistant to wind than it would be without it. This wind resistance depends on the strength of the wind and the direction in which it is blowing. If the wind blows in the opposite direction to the car, it will catch the tent and create more resistance, using more gas. If the wind blows with the car, there is less resistance and less gas is used.

How Fast Can You Drive with a Roof Tent?

The speed you can drive a car depends on the strength of the car's engine. Some vehicles can run better under load than others. It is best to consider this when deciding which car to use with your tent.

In most cases, your car can travel at the same speed with your tent as it can without it. Your vehicle should be able to travel at the speed you prefer, unless it is heavily loaded. The only difference is wind resistance and gas usage.

Is a Rooftop Tent Worth It?

Rooftop tents are definitely worth the money. No need to sleep on the ground, it's comfortable and safer to sleep in national parks or places with wildlife. It also saves you space because it stays on the roof of your car and you can put other things inside your car, on top of your roof or next to the tent.

You may not have to tow a trailer or caravan; this gives you more freedom about where you can drive to. You can go off-road and on 4×4 trips. Rooftop tents are definitely for the adventurous or those who like to camp but don't want to sleep on the ground.Come and contact us!

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