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China roof top tent, hunting blind tent, camper trailer tent, fishing tent Suppliers

Jan. 16, 2018

 If a team (two or more) out. More than two colors may be used. Even the colors are not the same person. Easy to identify. 

If you are a person out. I personally think the best green. Easy to disguise. If you go a long time can bring some colorful balloons, mirrors tied to the tent. Easy identification. Not too garish. Middle of the night was a robber. 
What does the past Nur, northwest China. Or use Yan. And so on will help. I think you will not go. 
Beijing Sunday Campers Co. Ltd offers a wide range of tents. There are roof top tent, hunting blind tent, grow tent, pop up tent, camper trailer tent, fishing tent, etc. 
And there are a variety of colors, suitable for all seasons and the environment. If you need, please contact us
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