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When you go out, how to carry tents

Jan. 16, 2018

 Each tent will have a bag sale. Many people are accustomed to the tent in which to close. Not to say it neatly folded into a lot of trouble closing. We received a good tent is often all the biggest piece of equipment. The limited space of the backpack. In addition it should be installed under sleeping bags and mats two big man. 

And even more troublesome is that many tents bags are a long tube shape. If you are using a little smaller backpack probably not put into it. Plug in a backpack outside the tent? Appears to be a space-saving, easy to handle law. The guy on the outside it is easy to give you trouble. 
Tent is very heavy. Bristling plug-in is not easy to bundle backpack outside firm. Unless the same as the package zongzi. Cross over, if you need to drill the woods on the route, then it is easy to get caught in the branches. If you accidentally scratched again branches of that you'll be in trouble. How to do? The best way is to give manufacturers to design brings you the shackles - the tent outside the bag lost without. Use of a large set of sleeping bag. When income is also not very troublesome to stack it. Direct like to close it like a sleeping bag stuffed inside a sleeping bag sets. If you also want to save, then the volume of the compression on the outside with a sleeping bag with the body to a smaller backlog. As a result, a good sleeping bag collection from the original barreled into a ball. Ye arranged into position inside the backpack 
Another benefit of doing so yes. Casually plug up each folded position is random. And if simply for aesthetics only put it stacked very rules in order to receive the first wife of the tent bag. Then each folded position is fixed. A long time, this part is easy first aging. After the tent to solve the remaining tent pole like that much. Put it in the backpack vertical closed. Or plug-in outside the backpack is very easy. , 
Rough stuffed inside a tent at the end of time will be scratched hands. Inner tent several fold better to fold flat mat in sleeping bags on the backpack. Tent pole system to carry the bag on this side of a place, not easy breakage. Rainfly lightly on the surface of objects inside the backpack, waterproof. When it rains you can quickly taken out when poncho. If it is 225 poles can also be fitted out to a canopy or when cooking hall. Tent bags can be brought when the moisture pad sets. The moisture-proof pad and aluminum thin pad volumes go down together fill a backpack outside a plug hanging. Little bit more at ease and also saves money
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