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Jan. 16, 2018

Tourism is the people in the tourist tent camping activities. The most important one of the most commonly used equipment. Meanwhile, tourism tents applications are quite extensive. There is plenty of space tourism tents, structural stability, good ventilation performance. For outdoor camping or in public parks and rest. Can also be used at home, balcony shade. When not in use, put the supplied bag in a tent. Small, portable, very convenient. 

Tourism is the people in the tent camping activities essential equipment. According to the purpose and scale of our activities. Select the appropriate tent. Make us more comfortable camping tourism. More colorful. When choosing a tent, we must pay attention to the various functions and properties of size, structure, weight, strength, color and other tents. You must also pay attention to the width, height, pest control, water and ventilation performance tent. Combined with simple and easy disassembly must grasp. After the demolition small size, light weight, easy handling to carry. 
When choosing travel tents. We must pay attention. In addition to tourism tent camp for people to rest, sleep outside. Also placing carry-on luggage and appliances. 
If we carry out military training and related activities. You can also choose to camouflage type of tourist tents. Early in the use of military camouflage. Camouflage reflected light waves and reflected waves around the scene about the same. There are only confuse enemy reconnaissance eyesight. 'll Deal with infrared reconnaissance. So that, as the enemy of the modern surveillance equipment elusive goal. Now, camouflage has bid farewell to the only show in the military history. Becoming more and more sought after fashion family.
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