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Jan. 16, 2018

Camping tents is that people in tourism activities. One of the best equipment choice when camping overnight. camping tents easy to set up, wind, rain and sun. Can be reused. Can be set up anywhere. In addition to use for people to rest. There is enough space for people to place tourism equipment. When using travel tents, should note the following: 

1. Close tents mouth. When setting up a tent, pay attention to a good tent mouth shut. To develop good habits, to close the tent when it should be a good tent mouth shut. When out of the tent to shut the tent mouth shut. Prevent mosquitoes and other small animals into the tent, of rest and sleep. 
2. Into the tent to rest. In addition to the required moisture pad, sleeping bags, pillows and other items outside. Other equipment into the backpack to be tidy. Placed in the tent handy place. If an accident occurs, you can quickly react. 
3. In an unfamiliar environment. We should pay attention to protect themselves. Equipped with the necessary self-defense weapons such as knives, military knives. Before revenue rest, the headlights on the side readily desirable places. Self-defense weapon under pressure in the pillow. In case of emergency, tents and open. We can quickly cut with a knife tent. Weapons in our hands can also help us to overcome the beasts and enemies. 
4. Collective camping, must rest on time. So as not to affect the normal resting others. Physically prepared to complete the next step with charge tourist activities. 
5. In the absence of the other tents to wake the rest of companions. Tents are not allowed to pull companions. Peer inside the tent to avoid misunderstandings and lead to accidents.
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