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sleeping bag maintai

Jan. 16, 2018

 First, keep dry: 

Use a sleeping bag, keep dry. Because the moist warm sleeping bag degree greatly reduced. Especially down sleeping bags. Will completely warm. Therefore, in heavy rain or water activities. To protect the backpack to avoid water. Or ahead of the sleeping bag with a waterproof sealed. After sleeping bag damp, when conditions allow to dry or dried as soon as possible. Wet down sleeping bag can not be saved for a long time. Otherwise it will become moldy or decayed. Drying time, looking both inside and outside, Shiver. Drying in the sun a little bit. Time is not too long. Ultraviolet light can damage the structure of down. 
Second, the liberal free state save: 
In addition, whether or fiber cotton sleeping bag down sleeping bags. In the case of a long time without use. Try to save the state of relaxed freedom. To keep the feather and cotton nature. Extended service life. Especially down sleeping bags. Try saved in a dedicated storage bag down sleeping bag (loose breathable cotton bag). Do not put a sleeping bag on a long-term compression bag.
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