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china Vehicle Awning, Fox Wing Awning, 360degree Mirs Wings

Jan. 16, 2018
Summer, sunscreen automotive market. UV vehicle awning favored. In the selection of UV vehicle awning, consumers should know their characteristics in order to pick one from the operation are satisfied with the quality of a good umbrella. 
1, see Appearance: In addition to conventional printing, square, solid color pattern, vehicle awning summer launched a cartoon pattern, pastels series quite stylish design. 
2, the election umbrella: UV sun umbrella two kinds of shiny and matte. Shiny umbrella on the market dominant. 
3, pick umbrella: In addition to the common circular and triangular folding car sunshades brace folding vehicle awning. Vehicle awning has launched a skeleton umbrella, carry more convenient. 
4, wind resistance: Skeleton umbrella wind resistance and the relative ratio of the circular umbrella folding umbrella is relatively weak at. 
5, anti-theft: Round umbrella basically use anti-theft belt clip into the door to the skeleton umbrellas with sucker lock. Many relatively low cost security zone, the relatively high cost of the lock suction cup. 
6, practicality: folding convenient, easy to carry, does not occupy space, effectively protecting the car interior temperature aging and volatile hazardous substances under the car.

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