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roof top tents, car roof tents, roof tent supply china

Jan. 16, 2018

 we are car roof tent suppliers. when you buy roof top tent, you can contact us. Beijing Sunday Campers Co. Ltd is a  specialized in designing and manufacturing assortment of roof top tents, car roof tents, roof tent.


Buying a car roof tents, which points to your attention


Large discrepancy caliber : This special smooth bore out the roof top tent design. Whether you are tall, short, fat, thin.You can easily enter the station . The biggest advantage of the entrance that we do not touch any part of the car . Access to the body in order to avoid undue harm ! Designed two doors side fence , back door there Jiaotong fence , so good move users can sleep peacefully !


Details of the work superior technology : design and every detail of the production of tents are starting from the consumer's perspective. Rigorous achieve superior technology and customer satisfaction ! After all corners of the tent through precision agriculture organizations. Whether it is wind, sun , rain can withstand the test ! Large joints of the body frame for each different material applications , the use of different materials to adapt to the different characteristics , small zipper are reasonable allocation using ! Details of human performance : with a removable shoe bag, with the inside using mesh, breathable at the same time help to ease the sole gravel leakage ; account with a mesh bag can store small objects in our everyday luggage , You can also set aside a hook hanging with small items ( such as tents Nightlight ) ; each roof top tent has two sponge pads , creating an extremely luxurious living environment.


This section roof tent frame is made of high-strength aluminum alloy body , the emphasis on weight and find a balance point , the entire skeleton weighs 26KG, rather than loading up to 200KG . In the case of high load of the main frame did not cause deformation . We emphasize the material is definitely worth assured ! The roof top tent at the use of engineering woolen fiber and stainless steel combined with a wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, high strength , easy to clean properties.


The standard folding ladder has brought great convenience to our use of the roof top tent ! Quick and easy to use extension ladder , use the time just to pull all aspects , the ladder can be directly stuck in the groove on the location of the tent skeleton reserved . Specially designed for ladder locking mechanism to avoid slipping out overnight when the ladder

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