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good quality roof top tent,supply roof top tent in china,

Jan. 16, 2018

Double two materials application: the roof top tent rainfly is the use of ripstop oxford. Rainfly has a high tensile strength, tear, ensuring not easily destroyed in harsh environments off-road on the way. Inner tent using cotton ripstop polyester, to ensure the anti-wrinkle, to withstand rain and other outdoor environments are also compatible with good breathability!

High intensity rain capability: oxford cloth roof tentwith excellent rain outside the account performance itself. And in the process, the gap increased in all waterproof stickers. Even the downpour outside, does not account for any corner wet. Once the storm will be posted outside to dry in a short time. You can easily put away after the road! 
roof top tent
Suitability of the material due to the application: Flysheet tent roof section using double-insulated silver-coated handle. Account can block intense sunlight; and often early morning sunlight does not penetrate the account to ensure that we can even outdoors normal "woke up." Rainfly corners increases the reflective material, as long as the lights shine to "home"!
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