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Vehicle Awning use, Vehicle Awning for sale

Jan. 16, 2018

 1 , sunscreen insulation

  Hot weather , the outside temperature reached about 36 degrees , the car parked in the sun for half an hour . When the interior temperature will shoot up to about 70 degrees , using a vehicle awning , you can make the car temperature is kept at about 45 degrees .
2 , anti- rain sand
  Car waterproof awning fabric, windproof and efficient design . You can make the car from the wind and rain the pain .
3 , Dust- guano
  Car every few days , will be covered with a layer of dust. Some cars parked beneath the trees , often have guano dripping in the car , it is unsightly. Vehicle awning fabric is easy to choose a special scrub , just take a damp cloth to gently wipe , you can look.
4 , anti-theft
  When traveling by car , the car will often parked in the parking lot , park and other public places . Items may be sweeping the car from the car window . Use vehicle awning can be surrounded by all the glass covering . Block the thief of sight, thus largely reducing the probability of being stolen .
5 , anti- fireworks injuries
  Car parked in front of the hotel , often encountered around fireworks . Burning fireworks often falls on the car , the use of fireproof materials to prevent fireworks falling objects on the body damage.
6 , energy
  Summer, sun exposure over the car, the interior temperature is high, the interior are also burnings . When you restart , air conditioning to open for a while before the temperature down . Use vehicle awning, even with sun exposure. Interior temperature is not high , do not have the air conditioner to maximum . It is estimated that one summer , using a vehicle awning can save gasoline liters.
7 , interior protection
  Car accessories aging occurs in the sun exposure .
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