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Why Chose a Roof Top Tent for Camping with a Family of 4

Nov. 07, 2023

What Is a Roof Top Tent


A rooftop tent is a specialized camping shelter designed to be mounted on top of various vehicles like cars, SUVs, or trucks. Essentially, it functions as a tent positioned atop a vehicle, offering several advantages in terms of comfort, safety, travel flexibility, and convenience.


Available in diverse sizes and designs, rooftop tents cater to different preferences. They range from basic setups accommodating two individuals to more spacious and luxurious options equipped with features such as ladders, hard shells, and annexes that provide extra living space. Some models also boast additional features like built-in mattresses, windows for ventilation, and awnings for shade.


However, it's crucial to consider that not all vehicles can support the weight of a rooftop tent, especially when factoring in the weight of the occupants sleeping inside. Checking your vehicle's roof weight capacity against the weight of the tent being considered is essential to ensure safe and suitable installation.


Roof top tents offer a range of advantages perfectly suited for camping with a family of four. Here’s why they might be an ideal choice.


rooftop tent for a family

Adventure Roof Top Tent SRT01S-64(4+ Person Tent)

Advantages of Rooftop Tents


Rooftop tents provide numerous benefits, particularly for camping enthusiasts and road-trippers:


1. Comfort: Elevated above the ground, rooftop tents offer a flatter and more comfortable sleeping surface, especially on uneven terrain. Many models include built-in mattresses for enhanced comfort during rest.


2. Protection: Being elevated safeguards against ground-dwelling insects, reptiles, or larger wildlife, providing an added layer of protection.


3. Effortless Setup and Packing: Designed for quick and easy setup, many rooftop tents can be assembled and disassembled swiftly, even by one person. This convenience is advantageous for frequent travelers or late arrivals at campsites.


4. Versatility: Mounted on your vehicle, rooftop tents enable camping in various locations where parking is permitted. This versatility opens up camping opportunities that might not be feasible with traditional tents. Additionally, tents on high-clearance vehicles offer access to challenging terrains.


5. Space Optimization: Utilizing your vehicle's roof space, rooftop tents free up room inside the vehicle for other essential gear or supplies. This ensures a clutter-free interior while leaving the campsite area around the vehicle available for other activities.


6. Scenic Views and Privacy: Elevated positioning often offers spectacular views, enhancing the camping experience. It also provides a sense of privacy, especially in busier camping areas.


7. Durability: Constructed with robust materials, rooftop tents tend to withstand harsh weather conditions better than traditional tents, contributing to increased longevity.


8. Reduced Dirt Intrusion: Elevated placement minimizes the tracking of dirt or sand into the tent, a common issue with ground tents, maintaining a cleaner interior space.


rooftop tent for a family

Disadvantages of Rooftop Tents


Despite the convenience they offer, rooftop tents do come with several potential downsides to consider, particularly when camping with children and pets:


1. Cost: Roof top tents can be pricey, ranging from thousands of dollars, contrasting sharply with inexpensive ground tents that can cost as little as $100. However, they remain more affordable than trailers or camper vans.


2. Accessibility: Climbing a ladder to access rooftop tents may pose challenges for young children and pets. Multiple trips up and down the ladder for settling in could be cumbersome.


3. Safety Concerns: Young children may require supervision to prevent falls while accessing or inside the tent.


4. Nighttime Challenges: Managing bathroom breaks in the dark, especially for kids or pets, navigating the ladder might prove difficult.


5. Space Limitations: Despite various sizes, rooftop tents are generally less spacious than ground tents. For larger families with kids and pets, space might be constrained.


6. Weight Restrictions: Rooftop tents and the vehicle's roof rack have weight limits. Ensuring that the total weight (tent, occupants, and gear) doesn't surpass these limits is crucial.


7. Temperature Control: Direct sunlight exposure in rooftop tents can lead to increased warmth during summer, potentially uncomfortable for children and pets.


8. Mobility Constraints: Collapsing the tent to drive away from the campsite and potential restrictions in certain campsites or parks regarding rooftop tents might limit mobility and need pre-checking of regulations.




Choosing a rooftop tent for a family of four offers comfort, versatility, and space efficiency. These tents, mounted atop vehicles, provide safety, picturesque views, and swift setup. However, factors like cost, limited space, and nighttime challenges for kids and pets should be considered. Despite limitations, rooftop tents offer a unique camping experience, balancing advantages and potential drawbacks for family adventures.

rooftop tent for a family

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