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Why Choose A Rooftop Tent?

Mar. 13, 2019

We'll explain to both regulars and not-so-regulars of the outdoor life, why choosing a Rooftop Tent is choosing the real cool tent.

If you select a Hard Shell Car Roof Tent , it actually takes you two minutes to put this up. You climb midway towards the peak of the automobile with the ladder and open the crate. Much like this. Lift the roof or top of the tent upward, and enjoy hatch door it opens. It requires you another moment to establish the ladder in the ideal place and get in the tent anything you need and you are done. Having a normal tent you will need to first place the rods in the Vehicle Awning, stick them into the floor, place that up, which makes it frustrating and time consuming!

Rooftop Tent

Another reason why they are better is that on the roof of your car or truck, you are protected from any animal sniffing about, but you are also protected from a great deal of spiders and insects crawling in and out. 

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