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What is the point of a roof top tent?

Nov. 03, 2021

You might have seen automobiles driving around with what looks like an oddly shaped storage space bag on top, however, these are really tents that fold up to become sweet ground sanctuaries.

4x4 Roof Top Tent SRT01S-48(1-2 Person Tent)

1. Comfy sleeping platform/pad.

If you have the swankiest ground tent and blow-up mattress ever before made, maybe this isn't real, yet in general, rooftop tents include high-density memory foam mattresses which are significantly much comfier than blow-up mattresses. Particularly if your partner or loved one is camping with you-- virtually being launched off the blow-up mattress every single time the various other individual relocations whatsoever gets old quickly.
Rooftop tents additionally have a tough base (usually fiberglass, steel, aluminum, or something similar) which is perfectly smooth, unlike the ground. Despite an air mattress, sleeping on rocky ground isn't fun. The tale of the Princess and the Pea wasn't also exaggerated that much if you ask me. Oversleeping a rooftop tent is far more like sleeping in your bed at home in regards to general comfort.

2. Sleeping off ground degree.

Given that you will get on top of your automobile, most rooftop tents are accessed by means of a telescoping ladder. This suggests that if it rains, you will certainly not be sleeping in a pool or in a mud pit. It's likewise easier to catch the wind when you are off the ground, so your tent will certainly be better ventilated as well as stay cooler in the summer season. And also, you'll have a better vantage point being up off the ground-- it's practically like being in a treehouse!
Being off the ground likewise helps keep dust and also fragments out of your tent. As an example, if you are camping on sand or messy ground, you can climb up on the ladder, sweep aside your footwear, and then enter into the tent without tracking anything within.

3. It's more secure.

This is an included advantage of being off the ground, yet it deserves its own factor. Pets are less most likely to get involved in your tent if it's off the ground, as well as specifically if you eliminate the ladder while you aren't in the tent, so squirrels and such can not climb up. It will be much harder for weird crawlies like crawlers, scorpions, or serpents to enter your tent also.
It's likewise more of a deterrent to individuals who may be looking to score some nice camping gear on a five-finger discount, as they will be hard-pressed to eliminate your ~ 150-pound rooftop tent from the top of your automobile, particularly without making a huge amount of sound or injuring themselves. A tent on the ground can be taken apart and also spirited away in a matter of minutes.
Having your tent in addition to your vehicle allows you to stash your pricey equipment inside your locked automobile while you are sleeping. Some diehard offroaders oversleep their vehicle beds with a vehicle topper over them, yet this means that when they are resting, all their gear must be kept somewhere else. With an RTT, your equipment can remain in position as well as securely locked away whatsoever time.

4. Durability.

If you've ever before invested the evening in a ground tent throughout a wind/rain/hail/ snowstorm, you recognize that you are likely to be maintained awake all evening by flapping of the tent product, probably find yourself in a pool of cold water in the morning, and possibly also find your tent harmed irreparably.
It's especially frightening if you do somehow take care of to fall asleep and afterward are awoken to the battered side of the tent being blown so level to the ground that it is essentially surrounding you. Or, even worse, your tent obtains ripped clear of its stakes, and also you are hamster-balled around the camping area.
The good news is, none of these issues is a worry in a rooftop tent. Much of them have a strong fiberglass panel that either pops directly or at an angle, which secures you from the majority of the aspects. Although a lot of RTTs do still have canvas sides that could potentially flap in the wind, the canvas is much more resilient, and also most of them have systems that allow you to crank the canvas extra tight if it's windy.

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