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Do you Really use Vehicle Awning Correctly?

Sep. 07, 2019

Vehicle Awning is an indispensable thing on the RV. With the awning, everyone can park the RV in the right place, open it, sit there to eat, drink tea, chat, and the RV life is so beautiful.

But here, for some friends who have not driven or used a RV, it may not be clear how to use the RV awning. Today, Air Caravan Awning Manufacturer explains the usage of the awning.

1. Remove the awning handle from the inside of the car, hook the hook of the handle to the rocker hole of the awning, and rotate the rocker counterclockwise to deploy.

2. When the awning is about 1 meter, stop rotating the handle.

3. Open the legs in the cover: translate the legs out of the awning cover; rotate the end of the legs 90° downwards so that the legs are perpendicular to the ground. Adjust the length of the legs by adjusting the extension rods. , tighten the fixing bolts.

4. After all the legs on both sides are open, continue to rotate the handle. Until the Vehicle Awning is deployed to the desired length or the rocker cannot be rotated.

Air Caravan Awning

Air Caravan Awning

5. Move the legs to the proper position and fix the legs firmly with the ground nails.

6. If the ground of the camp is not allowed to use the ground nails, the legs can be fixed on the fixed buckle on the right side of the vehicle body.

7. Reverse the operation when you take back Air Caravan Awning. note:

Please confirm that the awning has been retracted before driving. Because the awning is specially designed to cover the sunlight, it does not have a specific and targeted design for weather conditions such as rain, snow and wind. Therefore, when encountering such weather, please collect the awning. If you want to leave the RV or go to bed, you should take back the awning in time.

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