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Roof Tent, Far Less Impractical Than You Think

May. 07, 2022

When private cars are gradually popularized in China, the enthusiasm of the Chinese people for self-drive travel is heating up year by year, and many of these travel enthusiasts like to pursue the beauty of those off the beaten track and enjoy the joy of outdoor camping, but the current outdoor travel is subject to many restrictions - outdoor camping site conditions are relatively harsh, although the RV is fully functional and Comfortable, but too large and bloated, can not leave the paved road, and the price is not expensive, it is difficult to meet the real wilderness camping; and the choice of ordinary cars or off-road vehicles for donkeys, simply put down the back to sleep in the car is only a stopgap measure, it is difficult to sleep comfortably.


So, there is no one really suitable for outdoor travel equipment, both to save time, money, but also to provide travel enthusiasts with a "home", stop at any time to set up camp and enjoy the beauty of it? Yes, that is the car roof tent. Next, I will introduce you to such a very popular overseas outdoor travel essential tools for lovers of the outdoors to find a more trendy way to travel.

Roof Tent, Far Less Impractical Than You Think


What is a roof tent? Is it expensive?

Roof tent is a tent placed on the roof of the car. It is different from the outdoor camping tent on the ground, the installation and use of roof tents are very convenient, known as the "roof of the home", has begun to spread from abroad to the domestic, there have been a number of professional roof tent brands, a variety of off-road, SUV, station wagon, MPV, sedan and other models are available. MPV, sedan and other models have adapted products.


What kinds of roof tents are there?

There are three types of roof tents: the first is manually unfolded, need to do their own tent set up, ladder placement, but the tent internal space will be relatively large, but also in the car under the ladder to build a large space enclosure, used for washing clothes, bathing, put the seat rest, outdoor picnic, etc., very practical, the price is also the cheapest.


The second is a motor-driven automatic roof tent, open and put away are more convenient, generally within 10 seconds can be automatically completed, high-end upscale, but also to avoid the trouble of handy tent, save a lot of energy and time.

The third is the helicopter automatic roof tent, the biggest difference with the second is to open and put away faster, the roof is generally all fiberglass material, put away the roof is very neat, occupying little space, looks most simple and beautiful, but the space is also the smallest, does not provide more shade.

Roof Tent, Far Less Impractical Than You Think


What kind of car can be retrofitted with a roof tent?

The most basic condition for roof tent retrofitting is also to have a roof rack, so off-road and SUV models are the most suitable, other models must first install a roof-bearing luggage rack according to the model conditions before retrofitting the roof tent. The general weight of the roof tent is about 60KG, the weight of a family of three is about 150-240KG, and the roof weight of most cars is calculated in tons, so as long as the luggage rack quality is strong enough, the roof weight is no problem. It is recommended to choose to install separated longitudinal rod or horizontal rod, most of which can achieve a dynamic load capacity of more than 75KG, and the distance from the roof needs to reach about 4cm to be the most suitable. As long as such conditions are met, most of the above models can be retrofitted with roof tents by means of load-bearing luggage racks (owned or installed), except for the family cars below the A0 level.


What are the advantages of roof tents? And what are the disadvantages?

Roof tents have many incomparable advantages and are therefore popular among enthusiasts. For donkeys, as long as you have a car roof tent, you can be free from the restrictions of the itinerary, you can "set up camp" anytime and anywhere without having to look for a hotel, and save a lot of money on accommodation costs. Enjoy picnic, barbecue, enjoy the beautiful scenery, lie in the roof tent at night to see the brilliant starry sky, and wake up in the morning to enjoy the sea breeze, mountain breeze, I think this is the charm of camping it.


Most of the roof tents with high-strength fabrics and metal structures have undergone wind, rain and sand tests, and even have a warm compartment, which can be driven to unpaved roads and even deserts, the Gobi, mountains and seashores by virtue of the vehicle's own off-road capabilities, which can obviously save more space in the car, carry more luggage, and sleep more family members or partners than sleeping in the car. More importantly, the "high up" roof rack also effectively avoids the infestation of snakes, insects and ants.


Of course, the disadvantages of roof tents are also obvious, in due to the weight, after installation will also increase wind resistance, will bring an increase in fuel consumption. Secondly, the current price of the roof tent is generally more expensive, there is the inconvenience of going to the toilet in the middle of the night, up and down the ladder to pay attention to safety.

Roof Tent, Far Less Impractical Than You Think


What do I need to pay attention to when installing a roof tent?

The first thing to consider when adding a roof tent is the load-bearing performance of the roof rack, especially the later addition of roof-bearing luggage rack, but also need to meet the installation size requirements of each brand of roof tent, generally recommended in the manufacturer's official stores by professional technicians to install, can better take into account the load-bearing conditions, adaptability and power to take power and other technical issues.


Secondly, in the purchase of roof tents, to consider their own ability to do, if you want to save time, then the automatic hard top material roof tent is more recommended, while the pressure to choose the roof tent with streamlined appearance after closing, to minimize wind resistance. Installation, the roof tent ladder is generally installed on the side of the car, the left side, right side, both sides can be installed according to their needs, of course, the rear of the car can also be, but easy to obstruct the trunk opening, according to different models to plan.


In addition, the roof tent breathability, anti-pulling, anti-mosquito, anti-8 wind, rain and snow invasion performance are the key to understand the content, if the budget is sufficient, a more durable, more practical roof tent believe that you can give you a pleasant journey.



The desire for nature, the interesting experiences on the road, are all strong callers to our inner urge to travel. Just like Kerouac once wrote in ON THE ROAD: "I am young, I long to be on the road." And the emergence of the roof tent, for those who can not afford to buy a caravan, but also do not want to sleep in the cold rugged ground travelers, from then on another more practical, trendy way to travel. Let our car on the back of the roof tent on the set, you will find their own road, you will know how to enjoy the beauty of natural life. 

Roof Tent, Far Less Impractical Than You Think

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