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7 Reasons to Choose Rooftop Camping for Your Next Surfing Adventure

Feb. 22, 2022

The heat of the sun tells your body it's time to get up, no alarms needed. The waves crash on the shore steps of your campsite. You open your eyes and look out through the flaps of your second floor tent to check the waves.

It's nomadic with rooftop tents and surfboards, chasing the waves, another day in the bohemian lifestyle. There's no doubt that the two are like chocolate and peanut butter - each has its own character, but paired together they are legendary.


You may already know from experience why camping is the best choice for surf adventurers. Or maybe you're curious about surf camping and considering your first short trip. 

But have you considered upgrading? Rooftop tent camping will take your next trip to new heights. We know from experience.

Want to live for yourself? Pack your bags, grab your board and get ready for an epic camping surf trip Sunday Campers style.

Whether you're landing in Baja California or escaping to your favorite surf spot close to home, Sunday Campers wants to be there with you.

7 Reasons to Choose Rooftop Camping for Your Next Surfing Adventure

Here are our top 7 reasons to try rooftop tent camping on your next surfing adventure.

1. Epic Views 

Think beachfront camping is great? Elevate it to a second level of view. That's more like it. The view from your rooftop campsite is truly unparalleled, and you don't even have to leave your tent to check out the waves in the morning.

2. Unparalleled Mobility

Surf breaks in places like Baja California can be unpredictable and change quickly. Don't waste time ruining your campsite when you need a break or are ready to head out for your next adventure. Rooftop camping allows you to travel as easily as a wanderer.

3. Clean and simple

It's easier to keep the sand away from your tent when it's not sitting on the beach. Stay sand-free, sleep better, and enjoy the adventure more by leaving the gravel where it belongs: in the surf.

4. Wind resistance.

Rooftop camping offers better wind resistance than camping on the ground or in a soft-shell tent. This is especially important for those unprotected, windy beach campgrounds. You'll thank yourself when you stand up.

5. Surfboard friendly. 

We know that wrestling your board into the car or wrestling with leashes and rigging can be painful every time you want to move to a new location. With Sunday Campers, you can mount your board right to the rack with the rest of your gear and quickly move on to your next break.

6. More flexibility 

Along with plenty of water and other basic necessities, flexibility should be a top priority for any outdoor adventure. Rooftop camping opens up a whole new level of potential for your surfing adventures and any other journey that may require you. When your campsite is on the ground, you can call home from anywhere, including parking lots, rocky terrain and unforgiving campgrounds.

7. Style Points

Honestly, the sweet rooftop camping facilities are the envy of everyone else in the campground. While we certainly chose our gear for convenience rather than style, comfort and ease are a big plus on long camping trips. And you deserve it.


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