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How to Protect the Tent From Lightning Strikes During Thunderstorms?

Nov. 10, 2020

As a Soft Roof Tent Supplier, share it with you.

1. As a good conductor, are aluminum poles more attractive to lightning than glass poles?

The choice of lightning is first based on the height of the conductor, among several conductors, it hits the highest.

In addition, because thunder and lightning are usually rainy, whether glass poles or aluminum poles, the fabric of the tent becomes a conductor due to wet water.

Therefore, the attraction of lightning is more determined by the height than the material of the pole.

2. How to prevent the tent from being struck by lightning?

Awning Roof Tent

Awning Roof Tent

Thunder and lightning damage mainly comes from two aspects: 1 is directly hit, 2 is high voltage arc.

To avoid hitting directly, the simple principle is not to become the high point in this area, standing out is the easiest to be hacked.

An arc is an air discharge phenomenon caused by the high voltage of lightning. After hitting an object, the instant high voltage will form an electric arc near the object, causing damage.

Therefore, while not becoming a high point, avoid camping next to the high point, otherwise you will still be hit by the arc.

Therefore, the ideal way is to choose a place where the overall terrain and vegetation height are relatively low, and that can keep a certain distance from tall plants or buildings.

3. If you are hit, which one is better, aluminum rod or glass rod?

Theoretically, the glass rod cannot share the current through the body because it is not conductive, while the aluminum rod can be used as a parallel conductor to help the body withstand part of the current.

There are cases in history where people struck by lightning survived because their clothes were soaked and conductive.

Therefore, the wetter the tent, the more conductive the pole, and the less harm it will cause after being hit.

However, this cannot avoid the huge damage caused by the high voltage arc, so once hit, it is extremely dangerous.

In terms of lightning strikes, it can be divided into two situations:

1. is the glass rod or the aluminum rod which is more thunder-catching. If you ignore the actual use, the aluminum pole is indeed more lightning-producing. But in fact, because the entire tent has become a conductor in rainy weather, and the poles are usually not exposed outside the tent, the difference is not big. Of course, a thunderbolt or a tent with a large number of metal poles outside is not considered.

2. is whether a glass rod or an aluminum rod is more likely to avoid harm if hit.

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