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Frequently Asked Questions about Vehicle Awning

Nov. 20, 2020

How often should you clean the car awning?

As a Roof Top Tent Suppliers, share with you.

You should clean the motorhome awning at least once a year. Before storing for a long time (for example in winter), be sure to clean it. When it starts to look very dirty or dirty, it should also be cleaned. Park it under a tree or when there is sap or bird droppings on the canopy, it should be parked under the tree, and if moldy or moldy is found In case of cleaning. A good rule of thumb is to clean the awning every few months during use, and if necessary, clean it more.

Vehicle Awning for Sale

Vehicle Awning for Sale

What should you use to clean the awning of your motorhome?

In addition to the consumables mentioned above, you may also need some special products to clean the awning. If you want, you can find an awning cleaner instead of soap and water. You can also use awning protectors formulated for specific awning fabrics to prevent ultraviolet rays, prevent dust and debris from penetrating the fabric, and make the awning waterproof.

Finally, if you try to remove the sap from the awning, you may need to take out a big gun. You can try isopropyl alcohol, turpentine, Clorox cleaning spray, peanut butter or Formula 409 to remove stubborn juice spots. Before trying these solutions, make sure to test in a small area that does not attract attention to ensure that the solution does not damage your roof structure.

Should I pressure wash the awning of the Car Roof Tent?

Although you can use pressure to wash the awning, you need to be especially careful. The hard pressure on the fabric (especially vinyl awnings) can damage the fabric. You can do this if you are very careful and make sure that the awning will not be damaged during the high-pressure cleaning process. However, the safest option is to clean it as we described above.

How should I maintain the awning?

One of the best ways to keep a car awning clean is to do everything possible to avoid soiling it in the first place. When choosing a campsite, always pay attention to the trees produced by sap, which can produce awning stains that are difficult to remove. (They can also affect the finish of the roof, so you have a lot of motivation to avoid parking under it!)

It is also important to maintain a regular cleaning schedule so that the awning never gets so dirty that it cannot be cleaned without damaging the surface. Plan to clean the awning every season-but it is best to clean it at least once a month, even if you clean it every time you camp, if you use the awning frequently and often camp in a tent under the shade of the trees, this is a better one Idea.

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