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Insulation Methods for Using Roof Tents in the Cold Season

Jan. 04, 2023

Roof tents are a popular choice for camping and outdoor activities, but they can be difficult to keep warm in cold seasons. If you are planning to use your tent in cold weather, it is important to take steps to properly insulate it to keep yourself warm and comfortable.

Roof Tents

Here Are a Few Ways to Insulate a Tent for Cold Seasons:


Waterproofing a larger canopy, tarp or cover and placing it over your tent not only keeps dew, frost and snow out, but also helps lock in heat.

Before you leave home, set up your larger winter rain fly and test it by spraying it with a hose. If you find a leak, re-waterproof it before you travel to help dew, fog, rain or snow slide off immediately.

Vehicle Location

You have to strategize for the location of your vehicle. Basically, when considering where to set up camp, we had to look for places where we could get out of the wind. When setting up, we must place the roof tent away from the wind. This will help prevent rain, snow or ice from blowing into the tent. Try pitching your tent near a natural windbreak, such as a bush or large rock formation. This helps reduce icy winds. Or, you can pull down one side of the tarp and secure it to the ground so it acts like a lean-to. This helps lock in more heat and stops those icy winds.

It is also useful to embrace the sun and not park in the shade when winter camping . However, we should be careful never to park in an open area. This means we will not be protected from the wind and other elements. And it is best to stay away from water and metal objects , such as fences and utility poles. Because they are good conductors of electricity, lightning currents can easily travel to them.

Use Floor Mats

Ground mats, rugs, blankets (or even large towels if nothing else is available) can be used to insulate the tent floor. Of course you can just buy our tents with floor mats, which will be more convenient and will help stop or greatly reduce the cold winter seeping into your bones, thus making your night sleep more comfortable.

Bring Your Smallest Tent

The smaller it is, the warmer it is. The smaller the space you need to heat means the more heat that stays near you.

This may seem like common sense, but if you camp year-round, a breezy, large tent can feel like an icicle in the winter, so maybe consider investing in a smaller tent to lock in the heat for the winter.

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