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How to Prepare for Camping?

May. 08, 2020

As a Roof Top Tent Suppliers, share with you. The most suitable is self-driving and camping. Want to walk into nature, but there is a slight awe of nature.

Vehicle Awning For Camping

Vehicle Awning For Camping

Let's take a look with us, how to prepare camping equipment.

01 tent

When choosing a tent, it is necessary to consider the season and temperature of the campsite, whether it is spring, summer, or winter mountains, etc., and choose the right tent.

Consider the weight and volume of the tent. If you travel by car or camp at the foot of the mountain, the weight can basically be ignored. If you need to carry on foot, you must choose a small or light single or double tent. Choosing an automatic account can greatly reduce the weight of the backpack.

Also need to consider the waterproof and breathable tent, it is best to choose a double-layer tent, waterproof and breathable are better than single-layer tent.

For outdoor mountaineering camping, double-layer double-layer tents are generally selected, the weight is not very heavy, and the experience is also good.

02 sleeping bag

Sleeping bags are generally divided into down sleeping bags and cotton sleeping bags. Down sleeping bags have the characteristics of light weight, good thermal insulation performance, easy to compress and small volume, but the price is generally more expensive, and the thermal performance of cotton sleeping bags is also good, but it is not easy to compress, and the volume and quality are large. For general mountain leisure activities, cotton sleeping bags are also a good choice.

Secondly, the shape of the sleeping bag is envelope-shaped and mummy-style. The envelope-type internal space is larger to facilitate physical activity. Mummy-style warming effect is better, choose the shape of sleeping bag according to your own habits.

03 moisture-proof pad

The moisture-proof pad is located between the tent and the sleeping bag, and plays a role of isolating the moisture and cold on the ground. Moisture-proof pads can be generally divided into foam moisture-proof pads and inflatable moisture-proof pads. Inflatable moisture-proof pads are small and more convenient to carry, but if the air leaks, they will be wasted (sharp things: stone vegetation punctured, etc.). Choose moisture-proof pads reasonably according to the topography and other conditions of the campsite.

04 sets of pots

Cookware and cutlery are definitely indispensable. It is impossible to nibble on bread. The materials of cookware are generally alumina and titanium.

Alumina is relatively cheap compared to titanium, and the effect is not bad. The users occupy the majority. Although the quality of the titanium pot is good, the price is a bit high.

05Headlights, camp lights

When camping at night, camp lights or headlights are essential, which can play a role in lighting and scaring away beasts.

For the self-driving friends, you can feel free to take it. Portable tables and chairs, barbecue grills, Vehicle Awning For Camping, etc. can be carried according to your needs.

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