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How does Outdoor Camping Respond to Camp Climate Change?

May. 14, 2020

Outdoor camping, even in camping sites, can be dangerous if it is in a bad climate. When discovering that the weather is about to worsen, and knowing that there may be storms and other conditions in a few hours, you must first consider whether the tent is safe and secure. Depending on the type of severe weather, the terrain of the camping site and other factors, the countermeasures taken by them are also different. Roof Top Tent Suppliers introduces the measures to cope with severe weather.

Vehicle Awning For Camping

Vehicle Awning For Camping

Decide whether to move the tent position according to the terrain.

If you are camping, pay attention to wind and lightning in the ridge, rain in the valley, and falling rocks and lightning in the vicinity of the rock wall. Secondly, it is necessary to consider whether safety can be ensured under severe weather. If it is judged that the original tent location is generally not dangerous, tent safety inspections, strengthening measures, and other preparations to cope with severe weather are carried out. If the security is not reliable, it is necessary to consider relocating the tent.

In mountain areas, first consider the situation of setting up tents on the ridge. There are many winds coming from the front of the ridge, and the tent must bear this kind of wind, especially at the mouth between the two peaks. Although there is no risk of the skyrocketing water caused by rain flowing into the valley on the ridge, it must not be forgotten that the location is most vulnerable to lightning. The disaster caused by lightning is different from wind and rain. Anyone who is struck by lightning will be injured or killed. If you pay attention, you can avoid the lightning directly hitting the tent or personnel. Therefore, special care should be taken to move the tent to a safe place.

When setting up tents in the valley, first pay attention to the rapid rise of the stream. Almost every year, there are accidents where people are trapped due to the surge in water volume, and most of them are trapped in tents because of the rapid increase in water volume. When setting up a tent, it is strictly forbidden to approach the river or near the current. Even if the weather in your area is very good, the rain will cause the river to surge, and once the river surges, the destructive power is amazing. Therefore, the valley camping should have some observation.

If there is a place suitable for camping in the valley, just look carefully. Carefully observe the difference in the erosion status and color of the river bank rocks, the situation of trees and grass, etc., and you can understand where the water level will rise. Campsites located in the valley must pay full attention before making a decision.

As mentioned above, carefully observe your terrain. When it is considered that the weather has deteriorated and is dangerous, you must consider moving the tent to a safer place. Our company also has Vehicle Awning For Camping for sale, please contact us.

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