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How do you Have a Pleasant Rainy Camping Trip?

Mar. 19, 2021

As a Roof Top Tent Suppliers, share with you.

You prepared all the equipment, selected the destination, and finally convinced the friends to go camping with you.

However, at the last minute, the weather forecast tells you that it will rain on the weekend.

During heavy rains and thunderstorms, we must reschedule for safety.

Car Roof Tent

Car Roof Tent

But if it’s a safety issue, don’t let the rain ruin your trip.

1. Be prepared for the details

A large part of keeping the body dry is to prevent rainwater from leaking into clothes and equipment.

Use snow cover (although it is called snow cover, there are actually light and thin styles for rain protection) or wear jackets to prevent rainwater from leaking into the boots.

Wear a baseball cap or other outdoor hat to prevent water droplets from entering the collar.

Bring a few tarps and use them to build a "roof", which can provide a good activity space when camping.

2. Check and repair your equipment

Before camping on a rainy day, check the seams on your tent, check the fabric for perforations and fraying points, and whether the wind rope attachments are neat. If it is damaged, purchase the corresponding accessories to repair it.

If your jacket is old, it's best to clean it, because dirt can block the pores of the waterproof membrane and reduce air permeability. If the DWR waterproof coating on the surface is worn out, use spray to re-waterproof.

The same is true for your hiking shoes. Even if they have a waterproof and breathable film inside, if the DWR waterproof coating on the surface is worn, the leather and fabric of the shoe will absorb moisture, making the shoe heavier and less breathable.

3. Pack smartly

Your backpack rain cover is only the first line of defense.

Use plastic sealed bags for packaging to protect the contents of the bag from standing water and side showers.

Pre-install before packing the tent, the wind rope can be tied first, and the external account can be folded in an easy-to-detach way. This can speed up the construction of the tent and minimize the time the tent is exposed.

4. Dress correctly

During outdoor hiking, your clothes will get wet with two kinds of moisture: rain and sweat.

Avoid wearing cotton underwear. Once wet, it is difficult to dry out. You should choose underwear made of quick-drying synthetic fibers or lightweight wool.

In areas with low rainfall, you can wear a soft shell. The soft shell can maximize breathability and emit sweat.

However, if the temperature is low and the rainfall is heavier, you need a hard shell jacket to resist wind and rain.

Now some jackets using new materials can provide reliable weatherproof performance, while also possessing comfort and breathability.

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