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What Equipment is Essential for Camping for Novices?

Mar. 20, 2021

As a Roof Top Tent Suppliers, share with you.

Tents, moisture-proof mats, sleeping bags, outdoor backpacks, sports watches, headlights/camp lights, kitchen utensils, slippers, raincoats, wash bags, sunscreen, power banks, first aid kits, etc. are my standing items.

Next, I will talk about why I choose these commonly used equipment when camping outdoors, as well as the pits I have entered, which is also convenient for everyone to avoid pits.

Regarding sleeping bags, since I spend most of my time camping in the south, the coldest weather is around ten degrees. Of course, you can also choose Car Roof Tent.


As for the kitchen utensils, the whole set is Huofeng as a gift from my friend. Special mention of the burner, even for ordinary use, it is recommended to buy the kind with a wind-proof ring, and the burner with an electronic ignition will be more convenient. This is what I am using, and it is enough for camping around the city.

Slippers, raincoats, toiletry bags, sunscreen, power banks, and first aid kits are all things that you need to bring everyday. Once camping forgot to bring slippers, it was uncomfortable, don't mention it! The raincoat is recommended to be worn regardless of whether it rains or not. After all, there are unexpected events in the sky. The raincoat I'm using can put the backpack inside. If you use it on foot, you can consider a raincoat.

It is strongly recommended to carry sunscreen. Outdoor ultraviolet rays are very strong, and it is easy to get sunburned if you are not careful.

For the first aid kit, you can buy an entry-level one on Taobao for general camping activities. Headlights and camp lights are parts that are easily overlooked by novices. People without camping experience may not remember that there are no lights in the tent at night.

As for why the flashlight is not recommended? The headlight can completely free your hands, while the flashlight requires you to hold it with one hand.

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