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How to choose an Awning Vehicle?

Jan. 02, 2020

We have a lot of ideas about which size and type of awning is best for a particular vehicle and lifestyle. And for most things, there really is no one answer to all needs. There are many variables to consider, and as a Soft Roof Top Tent Supplier we will outline some of them and discuss options.

Outdoor camping must be inseparable from the tent. According to different loads, the tent is divided into a carrying tent and a car tent. To be straightforward is to go out to play with your tent or carry your car on your back. Of course, a donkey riding a tent can also use a bicycle to reduce the burden. Most of the car tents are fixed on the roof and can be deployed directly when needed.

First, let's introduce the two main awning styles in the consumer market:

Straight canopies.

Straight awnings are a bit common, and are usually what most people think of when they think of Awning Car Side Roof Top Tent. Straight awnings are usually your best choice at a good price, with low entry costs and value for money. Many different brands have many accessories, such as rooms, walls, and mosquito nets to suit many different uses and scenarios. Due to its simplicity, this awning can be mounted on a wide variety of vehicles in several different ways.

Foxwing Awning

Foxwing Awning

Wing awning.

The wing awning is usually the best in the field of awnings, and most people will choose this. Its function is to use pivot points to surround the area on one side and behind the vehicle. A good example of an airfoil awning is "Foxwing Awning''. This way, you can maintain the coverage of the car's tailgate, such as for cooking, while also covering either side of the awning installation. Like straight awnings, wing-type awnings have many accessories, such as walls and extensions, to block wind / rain / daylight, or provide more covering areas for larger people. This type of awning is very suitable for people who want more hiding power, especially for cooking, games, on-site maintenance, etc. at the rear of the vehicle.

Choose the awning for your vehicle.

There are a few very simple criteria to consider when choosing an awning to mount on your vehicle.

You need a lot of it, which one is the most useful?

The back cover is useful if you plan to use the awning primarily for cooking or other tasks that utilize the tailgate. In this case, it makes a lot of sense to have a Foxwing awning or a 1.25-meter awning mounted on the rear of the vehicle. The reason you choose it is based on the size you choose.

If you want to use the awning mainly to relax and provide the ability to block sunlight / rainwater, then install a straight 2.0m or 2.5m awning on the side of the vehicle.

How big is the vehicle you want to install the awning on?

As long as it is safe to install, it is your personal choice which size to install. Our company also has China Roof Top Tent on sale, welcome to consult.

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