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Considerations When Choosing the Right Roof Top Tent for Your Car

Sep. 25, 2021

Do you know how to choose the suitable roof top tent for your car? As a roof top tents supplier, I'd like to share it with you.

Most roof tents weigh more than 50kg, so you need to make sure that the roof rack is capable of this task. If you don’t have a roof rack, then you need to consider the weight of the tent when buying a roof rack as the basis for a roof tent. It is not always easy to find the required specifications, so you may need to contact the seller of the roof rack to obtain the required information to determine the required specifications.


Outdoor Camping Roof Top Tent

Outdoor Camping Roof Top Tent

To check whether the roof tent can be installed on your vehicle, please check the following information:


The Total Weight of the Tent

It should be in the product specifications of the tent.


Dynamic Weight Capacity of Cars and Shelves

This function can measure your ability to support the weight of the tent while driving. You need to verify this specification for both the vehicle and the luggage rack. Therefore, if you want to put the tent on a separately purchased roof rack, you must check the vehicle's manual about the roof’s dynamic weight capability and the roof rack for the same specifications.


Roof Rack Compatibility

Check the product description or consult the seller to ensure that your roof rack can be used with the roof tent.


Static Weight Capacity

The ability of the roof rack (and roof) to support its designated number of sleepers and its equipment is usually not a problem. Most car roofs have been designed to withstand the loads associated with rollover accidents. Add in the load distribution provided by the sturdy tent floor platform and the extra support provided by the ladder, and you will have a very sturdy structure. But to be on the safe side, you still need to confirm that the static weight capacity of the vehicle and the roof rack will support the weight of the tent and everyone in the tent and their sleeping equipment.

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