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Which is the best Car Roof Tent or roof luggage?

Oct. 25, 2019

  As a Car Roof Tent Supplier, there is some information to share with you. As domestic self-driving travel continues to heat up, more and more small partners want to drive a car to talk about walking. Then the question is coming: Self-driving tour, are we choosing the roof suitcase? Or is it better to choose Car Roof Tent?

  Let's talk about the Car Roof Tent, which can be adapted to a variety of models, especially with off-road vehicles and SUVs. The installation of the tent is very simple and fast, spacious and ventilated, and the anti-mosquito effect is good. Because it does not occupy the space inside the car, the things stored in the trunk of the car do not need to be moved back and forth.

Car Roof Tent

Car Roof Tent

  Look at the roof luggage, the accessory peripheral equipment of this vehicle originated in Europe and the United States. In developed countries in Europe and America, the roof box has become very popular. The roof trunk is a good boost to the volume of items carried in the car, which greatly increases the storage space. The items are stored in the roof luggage and are not affected by the wind and rain. When the high speed journey is started, the wind resistance is small (compared to the roof basket). When we put most of the items in the trunk of the car, the empty space inside the car is more abundant, tired and tired, find a place that is either empty or beautiful, and the rear seat is flattened (if The rear space of your car is big enough. It is a double bed, enough for you to comfortably sleep and replenish energy.

  In summary, if your car is long enough, it is recommended to choose the roof trunk and sleep in the car. If the car space is relatively small, it is recommended to choose Car Roof Tent, which can improve the overall comfort.

  The bed car and the large enough tent to enter the Car Roof Tent from the sunroof in the car are a very good solution for the bed car. It realizes the diversification of the form of the car, flexible and convenient, and unlimited. The high limit width limit, the combination of daily use and travel and leisure, organic unity, the advantages are very prominent, and it is a good travel vehicle solution and form for the transition before the use of the RV. It is worthwhile for the friends who already have the MPV family and the small car to try boldly. Thereby creating a rich living and leisure life. You can also open a skylight from inside the car, and then a folding ladder can go up. It is relatively safe from the Car Roof Tent inside the compartment. For example, camping in the wild, in case of an emergency (whether it is a bad guy robbery, or a sudden flash flood, or a beast attack, etc.), you can quickly get down from the roof of the car, then quickly start the vehicle and leave the danger Strip or not. The advantage of going down from the car is that even if you are wearing pajamas.

  Car Roof Tent has a lot of benefits, effectively expanding the space, and it is not too high, flexible and convenient when it is loaded. Our company also has Vehicle Awning, welcome to come to consult.

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