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Car Camping or Land Camping?

Sep. 10, 2021

As a Roof Top Tent Supplier, we have Roof Top Tents For Sale. What is the difference between car camping or land camping?


What is car camping?

Car camping is simply the act of driving to a campground, unpacking your car, and setting up a campsite outside your car. The campsite may be primitive, but it may also retain amenities such as fire pits, bathrooms and showers. Upon arrival, people usually turn on things like a cooler, a stove, some chairs or lanterns, and set up a campsite for a few days.


Usually, car campers sleep in tents. However, some people may choose to sleep in their car, especially if they have a larger vehicle or a truck with a camper shell.


This type of camping often occurs over a weekend or a few days. In addition, car camping trips usually include a destination where people show up, unpack, spend time, and then pack up and head home. It can be a great way to relax and spend time hiking and exploring the area around the campground.


Roof Top Tent Supplier

Roof Top Tent Supplier

What is land camping?


For car camping, the campsite is set up outside of the parked car, but Overlander's car is the campsite. Without the need for a dedicated campsite to unload all the packed equipment, Overlander is free to use any legal parking space as a home for the night.

Many overlanders prefer roof top tents because setup is quick and you can store blankets, pillows and mattresses in an enclosed setup. This freedom leads to a slightly different type of travel. Land Camping trips often have multiple destinations, sometimes taking travelers to a new location each night.


Roof Top Tents For Sale

 Roof Top Tents For Sale

Car camping or land camping, which is better?


Campers can quickly spend the night in a tent or RV without any modifications for off-road driving or longer trips. They can even carry more equipment than overland travelers due to vehicle size limitations.


However, if you are looking for adventure activities, Land Camping is ideal for those who want to stay longer in more extreme terrain. This type of camping allows you to go farther than traditional camping, which means you can explore new areas for longer!


In addition, Land camping will allow campers to bring all their supplies with them across the country if they choose to do so, unlike other types of camping where visitors need to obtain vehicle support or other equipment before setting up a campsite.


Over the years, land camping has become a popular and trendy way to camp or travel for those who want to see more than just a place to park their vehicles. It's an experience that allows people to interact with nature in a way they never have before!


Both overlanders and campers can enjoy the outdoors, but those who seek more excitement than camping alone often prefer land camping.


Roof Top Tent

Roof Top Tent



You may see car campers traveling for months at a time, or you may see overlanders taking excellent paid campgrounds away for the weekend. Both have their own challenges, and each adventurer must discover what works best for them and what works best for them.


If you love camping, be sure to contact us about roof top tents.



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