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What are the Ways to Make Fire During Camping?

Jan. 07, 2021

As a Soft Roof Top Tent Supplier, share it with you.

The magnifying glass or telescope, and the convex lens in the camera, can replace the convex lens to serve you. In addition, by setting a fire on the focus of the flashlight's reflective bowl, you can also make fire towards the sun. If in an environment with ice and snow, it is also possible to process the ice cubes into a shape thick in the middle and thin in the periphery instead of the convex lens.

Awning Roof Tent

Awning Roof Tent

Hit the stone to make fire: Find a hard stone to make the "flint", hit the "flint" down with the back of a knife or a small piece of steel, so that the sparks fall on the fire. A hacksaw with teeth on the edge can generate more sparks than an ordinary knife. When the fire starts to smoke, slowly blow or fan it to ignite an open flame. Of course, not any stone can ignite the fire, and the spark from the stone must have a certain amount of heat and duration to ignite the fire.

Battery fire: If there is a battery with a large battery, connect the positive and negative poles to the two ends of the pencil lead with the veneer, and the pencil lead will burn as red as an electric stove wire in an instant.

If you are traveling by car, you can take two long wires and connect them to the positive and negative terminals of the battery. If there is no wire, you can use two wrenches or other metal tools instead. If the wire is not long enough, the battery can be taken out of the car. Slowly touch the ends of the two wires, a short circuit will produce sparks. At this time, a cloth dipped in gasoline is the best kind of fire.

Bow drill for fire: Use strong branches or bamboo to tie shoelaces, ropes or belts to make a bow. Wrap a dry wooden stick around the bow and use it to spin quickly on a small piece of hardwood. This will drill out black powder, and finally, the powder will smoke and generate sparks, igniting the fire.

Use rattan to make fire: Find a dry trunk, split it at one end, open the crack, put a tinder, use a two-foot-long rattan, put it behind the tinder, step on the trunk with your feet, and quickly Twitch the cane left and right to make it rub and heat and ignite the fire.

Other methods: rubbing the glass sheet on a flat wooden board can also generate heat. When it becomes hot when rubbed vigorously, blow the fire.

You can also use two pieces of soft wood or bamboo to rub against each other to make fire, and the dry material at the bottom of palm bark or coconut leaf is used as fire. You can also dig a straight trench at the bottom of a piece of softwood, and then use a spear-like hardwood tip to "plow" it back and forth, so that the fire is first produced and finally ignited.

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