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What Kind of Stove and Lamp Should be Used in the Field?

Dec. 30, 2020

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People who have experience in outdoor activities are probably impressed by cooking in the wild. Picnics and bonfires are not fun, but for people who stay in the wild for a long time, filling their stomachs with three meals a day is the most basic thing to ensure the quality of outdoor life and physical health. The traditional digging stove and collecting firewood can not immediately make the stomach no longer hungry, but will consume more energy and physical strength. "It's a level to make a fire to cook." I am afraid that many people will feel the same, not to mention the taste and hygiene of heating food on a fire with fluctuating temperature and flying soot.

Vehicle Awning For Camping

Vehicle Awning For Camping

Alcohol stove is also a common cookware outdoors, but alcohol also has the problem of limited calories. At the same time, alcohol will be dangerous due to incorrect operation when it is carried and ignited, and it has extremely high requirements for stable placement. The operation process is still not simple enough, and easy and safe operation is a very important principle for outdoor activities. What's more, general alcohol will produce gas that irritates the mucous membranes of the nose and eyes when it is ignited. It is especially not suitable for use in relatively small, enclosed spaces such as tents. However, it is not easy to ignite in an extremely low temperature environment so that it will not become a stove to be used in extreme environments.

Another commonly used stove is gasoline stove and kerosene stove, their biggest advantage is sufficient heat. However, its huge volume and weight, and the time-consuming and laborious pressurization preheating process before use cannot be withstood by small teams and high-intensity activities. At the same time, the same danger and more serious pollution as alcohol stoves are daunting. After all, they are not specifically designed for outdoor activities.

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