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China roof tent. Fishing tent Suppliers

Jan. 16, 2018

Cottage tent manufacturers are good at bragging! Such as: How fast delivery tent! How good quality tent! How low grid tent! How many factories for many years! Less than MOQ, otherwise no orders, etc. 

The first step, the first test edge. He is not saying delivery soon it? Good! You ask him how fast delivery in the end? 
If it is true tent manufacturers. Fully meet the requirements of the guests. Even with the difficulties will be trying to solve. While posing as the manufacturers would want a lot of excuses to stall, such as: a lot of orders, according to the order to produce. Or blame the weather, such as rain, snow does not prompt delivery, shipping and so on. 
The second step, you can simply ask the "factory" can be personalized sample customization. 
The third step, just ask his tent can guarantee how long? Good product, there will be warranty. Such as three months, six months or a year, two years, ranging from three years. Insiders know that only a reasonable price, no minimum price!
We are specialized in the production and design of the roof tent. Fishing tent. Welcome to your inquiry
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