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China roof tent, fishing tent, Vehicle awning maintenance

Jan. 16, 2018

Now, more and more people like to travel with a tent. tent became an indispensable tool for many people travel. Many benefits tent. We want to use it for a long time. It is essential to the maintenance process. 

Maintenance skills tent outside maintenance. 
Let's tent UV fiber decomposition damaged. UV fiber tent will fade, fragile and gradual decomposition. UV damage degree of fiber directly exposed to sunlight and altitude tent camp about. If the tent are not stowed in the daytime. UV high altitude would damage the tent within a month. So the solution is to extend the life of tent do not let it exposed to the sun. As far as possible to tie tent in the shadow of the place, in the morning put it away. It was set up at night, so you can spend your tent for many years. 
Storing food 
Never store the food in the tent. Because the animals in order to obtain food. Will tear or bite your tent. Maintenance tent pole tent pole when assembled. Do not let the tent pole each other twists and turns. Before hold up to ensure that all of the rods are inserted properly. Kept clean tent pole. Do not let it stained with dirt, sand and salt. Remember they are not plated, it will rust. When you remove these rods. Remember always starts from the center part. Then to all the top part. So elastic rope balanced tension. tent pole to getting a good long-term maintenance is an important factor. 
Field repair rod: 
If you do not accidentally broken rod. You can use a short aluminum sleeve (called a repair sleeve) to both sides of the rod being fixed together. Ski pole repair cap, tents pillars and even twigs are used to fix the broken tent pole. 
Zipper: Let the zipper to extend the life of a very important way is to not let the zipper stained gravel. When your tent when accidentally let zipper doors and windows are not stained with dust. Do not step on the zipper above, can be used to clean the garden and household glue tube pressure gun. Most of zipper failure, are due to medial zipper head surface layer of wear. 
Various tent require maintenance. Not only is the outdoor tents, such as the roof tent, fishing tent, Vehicle awning and so on. If you need to buy tent. Then please contact us. We not only offer you high quality tent outside. There are some technical support. And pay attention to and knowledge about the various tents
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