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Jan. 16, 2018

 Sleeping bag from the warm layer material divided down, hollow cotton, plain cotton, fleece and so on. We generally divide them into two categories feather and cotton. Nothing more than a random collection stacked sleeping bags rolled up and stuffed in two ways. However, due to the characteristics of the material. Their income stacked and stored in different ways. Here we talk about their own specific way. 

Down sleeping bag is expanded through down to form a warm layer of air to achieve insulation. In order to provide sufficient space for expansion down. Down sleeping bags are professional stereo suture. Sleeping bags and fabric lining is not directly stitched together. But through a standpipe connected to the liner. Thus, the space inside the sleeping bag from a bag into a box. Thus ensuring the expansion space feather. Can be seen from the structure described above. Whichever route you take to close overlapping manner. Are actually three-dimensional space in the sleeping bag flatten. So for down sleeping bags. Theoretically, you can use any way to close the stack. However, from our practical experience, the more random stuffed sleeping bags rolled up sleeping bag has a better compression. And theory, random stuffed sleeping bag folded parts very random. Repeat folding will not make a long-term part of the first aging. Instead, roll up the sleeping bag will have relatively fixed pincher. Makes it more prone to aging. In actual use, because the zipper is damaged, resulting in scratching of the case than the case of the sleeping bag sleeping bag can not be used due to the aging of the larger closed stacked. In addition, the down sleeping bag when not in a long time. Should be placed in a sleeping bag to store than the original set of large double bag. So down not due to prolonged pressure hollow cotton sleeping bag technology with the development of man-made fibers produced. By the expansion of the fibers which in addition to the warm outside the gap. Inside the hollow fibers can also be warm. So it is better than down sleeping bag is wet when you can still have a part of the thermal performance. But it is not as good compressibility and weight down material. And therefore can not fully replace feather products. And down sleeping bag similar to yes. Most hollow cotton sleeping bag also uses three-dimensional structure. Thus the stack can be received in two ways. Ordinary cotton sleeping bag compression is far worse than the two kinds of sleeping bags. If you use random stuffed ways. Perhaps it would be more difficult. . For ordinary cotton sleeping bag sleeping bag this compression is bad. We recommend that you receive by way of a stack of rolled up. Not only can easily put to sleep with a set. You can also save a certain volume. 
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