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Jan. 16, 2018

 On our way to different driving conditions tested the roof top tent solid and secure. 

1, uniform 60 km / h. Smooth ride, no abnormal feeling. Accelerate to 80 km / h, OK. Acceleration to 120 km / h, OK. But feeling a little effort. As more than 120 kilometers per hour, this is still obey the traffic rules bar. 
2, 60 kilometers per hour brakes, smooth, but the roof had heard the sound. Roof top tent was originally built something banging. 
3, driving two hours (110 km), stop checks, no loose screws. Driving four hours (about 300 km), stop checks, no loose screws; returned the next day, traveling about four hours, checking, still not loose. OK. 
4, My advice: If more than four hours of continuous driving. Is good to check the stability of the screws. Be careful no big mistake. 
On arrival, unlock the lock, distraction roof top tent. Setting up the ladder, and quickly climbed the experience under the roof. Highly suitable, you can relax sit inside, then up a MM, to bear the weight of two people is no problem, no creak gurgling sound. Specifically requested two strong men up, a total of about 130 kg, no problem.
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