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The optional elements of the hunting blind tent

Jan. 16, 2018
One, identification of needs : Before buying something , we make sure the hunting blind tent  needs, and know the characteristics to be used . If you often encounter a rainy day , looking for a pass-through to the outside off the ground.
Tow, to set up the hunting blind tent  : If you enter the store when it has been setting up the hunting blind tent . It removed once again take to see how easy it has now imagine doing it when the wind and rain .
Three, construction of place space : When we go lying on the mat . We think about where your shoes , backpacks and wet equipment put ? Can accept its resistance to wind and rain , and out of , space ventilation, living, and storage is equipped with it? Rehearsal at midnight out what size , if you hit the knee pain chin up partners , minus some of the local bar.
Four, the structure of the junction : a look from the inside of the hunting blind tent  structures and joints . Shop ceiling light can provide a good backlight to identify defects. Thus loosening the inspection line, stitched missing, structural inequality and faded stains produced .
Five, junction : a detailed examination of all structures , lines, wrinkles Calvary tape suture junction and looking . Those will lead rose leaky .
Six, wind resistance : emphasis on critical juncture . If they can not withstand windy conditions , it may be paralyzed soap trip. Pull pivot junction piles belt, spindle , to look at the junction .
Seven, waterproof membrane : it should be able to look sparkling and waterproof coating on the external accounts , interior and floor , if you can not see or touch , maybe it is not thick on the fabric , can not afford to frequent use .
Eight, hunting blind tent  color: check the frequency of the color of the light hunting blind tent  pass into the interior of the case, make the interior bright colors and some frequency , and some manufacturing terrible, like a cave atmosphere , bright light refreshing in the summer , while dark absorbs solar energy, make them more suitable for cold weather.
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