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Jan. 16, 2018

 When you lived in camper trailer tents lightning storms. How do we mine it? What you need to pay attention to?

  One, aluminum as a good conductor. Aluminum and glass rod, which is more attractive lightning?
  Lightning conductor according to the first height.
  Between the number of lightning conductors, which hit the highest.
  Tow, how to avoid being struck by lightning camper trailer tent?
  Lightning injuries mainly from two aspects:
  A, direct Pizhong.
  B, high-pressure arc.
  To avoid direct pizhong, simple principle is not to be the high point and stand out in the region most likely to be split.
  Therefore, without a high point, we must also avoid the high point near the camp, otherwise still be hit by the arc. Therefore, the ideal way is to select the overall topography and vegetation height than the bottom, and can keep some distance from the camp sites with tall plants or buildings.
  Three,if it is hit , aluminum and glass rod which is better ?
  Theoretically , because of the non-conductive glass rod , and can not play the role of the body by balancing the currents . The aluminum can be used as a lever parallel conductors. Aluminum pole helps the body to bear part of the current .
  If being hit , glass rods and aluminum rod which is more likely to avoid hazards.
  This problem can be read :
  A, we discuss the lightning struck the camper trailer tent rather than a direct hit by the human body. There is no middle straight aluminum pole
  Problems connected to the contact body . So this situation with a fishing pole hit the wire hit the dead are completely different .
  B, lightning struck the camper trailer tent was not directly hit by the human body. To avoid this time is not current directly through the body
  Injuries but arc and high temperatures. Therefore, the principle does not apply to acts like shoes in this case .
  C, necessarily requires enormous energy of lightning transformation into the ground through a conductor , arcing , high temperatures are likely to occur in this process .
  In any case, choosing the right camp to avoid lightning is the correct way .
  The aluminum pole camper trailer tent , is theoretically safer choice.
  Our company produces aluminum pole camper trailer tent are bracket . If you need a camper trailer tent , please contact us.
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