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Vehicle Awning, Roof Top Tent Manufacturer, Supplier China

Jan. 16, 2018

Our range of shade awnings is the ultimate adventure accessory. The vehicle awning gives you a 270 degree shade area pulled directly from your vehicle. Waking up in a sun heated tent can be the worst thing about roof top tenting but when you can climb down from the roof and settle into the comfort of a large shaded area then your ability to enjoy any weather condition sky rockets.

The same applies for our roof top tent. These accessories set up in minutes and make the most of your camping space. As biting insects and annoying flies become more of an issue there is the simple solution of adding fly screen walls to your awning. This creates a protected annexe for your vehicle. With Sunday Campers on your roof there is no environment you can’t feel comfortable in.

Now get out there and enjoy your next adventure with Sunday Campers. 

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