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Roof Top Tents, Trailer Tent Manufacturer, Supplier China

Jan. 16, 2018

Roof top tents could very well be the answer to the comfort woes of those who don't approve of sleeping on the ground. Inside (and up top) is a pleasant foam mattress the size of a queen bed. Plus you'll appreciate that private stand-up space within the walls of the lower room when it comes time to change your underwear, take a shower, or bail out of the rain. So you need consider these issues as followings:

1. Taking it on and off the roof is a pain

The cart not only lets you maneuver the tent around your garage but it makes a dandy place to store the tent. When it's time to get this thing on your vehicle, roll it on out and position it. Keep the tent on end, tip it toward the tail gate and keep going.

2. The rain fly collects rain water

The roof may slope down, yes, but it's flat and when it rains (ugh, or snows) that roof over the lower room pools up with water. What's bad about that is all that weight residing on the top of your tent and wearing things out or the water leaking through.

3. They're dark inside

Depending on your perspective, a dark tent might be just fine. Sure, you can fix that with a battery operated lantern or flashlight strapped to your noggin. But there's a slightly better way. A roof top tent is attached to your vehicle, which means with a little bit of thinking you can fashion a more sophisticated form of lighting into your tent.

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