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Camper Trailer Tent, Car Roof Tent, Roof Top Tent Manufacturer China | Sunday Campers

Jan. 16, 2018

Years ago the camper tent trailer was created to allow young families and adventurous outdoor enthusiasts to go enjoy the outdoors, easily and inexpensively. Over the years, things have changed, camping tent trailers have become larger, more expensive and let’s face it… less fun. Sunday Campers set out to change all that with its SC08(17ftStraightWall) camping tent trailer. We wanted to recapture that spirit of fun by giving you that spectacular, back to nature camping experience of a tent camper, combined with the versatility and functionality of an amazing gear hauling trailer.

Then car roof tent and roof top tent are appearing, we get much more choice for our outdoor picnic. If you have any questions regarding our Sunday Campers, please contact us we love to talk!

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