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High Quality Fishing Tent, Cheap Fishing Tent Manufacturer, Supplier China

Jul. 26, 2019

Some fishing enthusiast may receive low quality fishing tent. Many reasons.  They may focus on price rather than quality. Is not it really no good goods  cheaper? Sunday Camper can provide high quality fishing tent and much cheaper  than other factory. Here I will tell you some activists factors for you.

Please do not Sign or accept any Damaged products as it becomes yours and  there is nothing CVT can do to claim it damaged through the shipper! You have 15  minutes by law to go over your shipment. Please open it and go through it.

Here is a check list when receiving your tent:

1, Look at outside of box thoroughly.

2, If there is a sign of damage to the box please open it and make sure it  has /does not affect the tent.

3, If there is a hole or damage to the tent please return it.

4, If you do not return it you can keep it, sign the shipping form as damaged  so you can later claim your damages.

5, If you do not sign it as damaged you will not be able to claim it.

There is also a 2 week hidden file you can do but you have to file a claim  within 2 weeks or you lose your rights.

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