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What Kind Of Car Can Install A Roof Tent?

Jun. 12, 2019

Regarding Car Roof Top Tent, the biggest concern for everyone is "Can my car be installed?" The manufacturer of Vehicle Awning Tent believes that the most important factor in the installation of the Car Roof Top Tent is the car with a hard-mounted luggage rack. Remember to be hard fixed! Hard fixed! Hard fixed! The important thing is said three times. What is a hard-fixed luggage rack? It is a luggage rack that is directly fixed to the top of the car with screws. If your car comes with a roof rack, you can basically abandon the use of the Car Roof Top Tent, even if the rear modified to a luggage rack strength will also meet the standard. And according to my experience, the luggage racks of cars, crossovers and even urban SUVs are glued to the roof of the car, but they can't bear the weight of a decorative effect. Generally, only the orthodox SUVs and the big-brand travel models are hard-fixed luggage racks, and even these models have the structure to bear the weight of the Car Roof Top Tent.

Car Roof Top Tent

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