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What is the Compelling Camping Knowledge?

Apr. 07, 2021

Many people have a camping dream. Arrange a two or three-day itinerary to set up camp. Are you planning to go camping? Are you ready?

TOP1: Choose a camp

When preparing to set up camp, the choice of camp is very important.

Awning Roof Tent

Awning Roof Tent

1. First of all, don't choose the side of dead water ponds, dense grasslands and places where there may be water, because these places are places where mosquitoes breed, you don't want to wake up all over.

2. Choose a place leeward, the wind will quickly take away heat, create cold, and even bring diseases to people, so it is also important to choose a place leeward to camp. It should also be noted that during a thunderstorm, do not camp on the top of a mountain or open ground to avoid being struck by lightning. You must know that there is no lightning rod on the top of the tent.

3. Near the village: If the camp is close to the village, you can ask the villagers for help if there is any emergency. This is more important when there is no firewood, vegetables, food, etc. Near the village is also a shortcut, that is, close to the road, which facilitates the movement and transfer of the team.

TOP2: Picnic barbecue

Although barbecue is not a necessary item for camping, more than 80% of friends and family camping parties will still choose barbecue as the main entertainment and food solution.

1. If you often participate in camping or barbecue activities, buying a barbecue is a must.

2. Of course, charcoal is needed for grilling, and charcoal is generally used for grilling.

TOP3: What to use

The temperature difference between the forest and grassland is very large, so be sure to bring thick clothes, warm sleeping bags and moisture-proof pads.

1. Although there is a big temperature difference between morning and night in the forest, comrades do not need to bring down jackets. A set of long-sleeved trousers is enough. Friends who are afraid of the cold can bring a short windbreaker or a jacket for easy wearing and taking off.

2. I don't need to say more about how powerful the ultraviolet rays in autumn are. Therefore, girls who love beauty should pay attention to sun protection, and men should also pay attention. Everyone should prepare a hat with a long brim as much as possible.

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