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What Types Of Roof Tents Are There?

Apr. 13, 2019

As a Trailer Tent Supplier, let us introduce the types of roof tents.There are three types of roof tents: the first one is manual deployment, you need to set up the tent yourself, the ladder is placed, but the interior space of the tent will be larger, you can also build a large space enclosure under the ladder next to the car. Washing clothes, taking a bath, resting on a seat, outdoor picnics, etc., are very practical and the cheapest.

The second type is a fully automatic roof tent driven by a motor. It is convenient to open and close. Generally, it can be completed automatically within 10 seconds. The high-end grades also avoid the troubles of arranging tents, saving a lot of effort and time.

Hardshell Rooftop Tents Campers

The third type is the helicopter type automatic roof tent. The biggest difference from the second type is that the opening and closing speed is faster. The roof is generally made of FRP material. After the door is closed, the roof is very clean and the space is small. It looks the most simple and beautiful, but the space is also the smallest, without providing more occlusion.

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