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What are Some Experiences of Outdoor Camping in Winter?

Jan. 25, 2021

In winter, camping in the ice and snow below minus 20, keeping warm needs to be taken seriously! As an outdoor participant in Xinjiang, I have basically seen snow and ice weather for twelve months of the year, often camping in low temperatures, and accumulated some experience. Now Roof Top Tent Suppliers will share with you!

A three-piece camping set

Tents, sleeping bags, and moisture-proof mats. Known as three-piece camping sets, they play a decisive role in resisting the cold! Their indicators, parameters, performance, etc. are not introduced here, but just talk about some aspects that play a role in keeping warm.

A Tent

The key function of the tent is to prevent wind and rain! This is also the key equipment to prevent the three elements of low temperature, wet; cold; wind, two of them are wet and wind! The key to keeping warm during camping at extremely low temperatures in winter is to prevent wind. Rain will turn into snow. Although there is no horrible sleet, today we mainly talk about camping when the low temperature does not rain. The key to windproof is the structure of the tent! Therefore, a tent with a tent pole bone structure must be more windproof than a tower tent.

Car Roof Top Tent

Car Roof Top Tent

Snow skirts and four-season inner accounts are also good performances for windproof and warmth. Therefore, when there is no snow skirt and there are only three seasons, you can use snow to fill the air gap between the bottom of the inner and outer tents. You can wrap the sleeping bag with a life-saving blanket and add a layer of wind without the four seasons. The main function of the tent here is to prevent the sleeping bag from being wetted by the inner dew. Keep the tent properly ventilated to reduce internal dew. Don't seal it too tightly. Small windows can be opened.

B Sleeping bag

First of all, the amount of down filling, if conditions permit, the heavier the down filling, the more the better! In addition, don't believe too much about the cold resistance index marked on the sleeping bag. Secondly, I personally feel that taking off the outer jacket to keep warm clothes is warmer and more comfortable than putting on the outer jacket to keep warm clothes. There is an experience here. The warm clothes and other clothes that are taken off are not for you to put up, but to put them in a sleeping bag, hold up the sleeping bag and wrap it around your body. You can pull the clothes over wherever it feels cold.

Finally, the best way to feel warm in a sleeping bag is to boil more water and put more pulsating bottles as hot water bottles! To emphasize, it is not any beverage bottle. I have used four pulsation bottles with two bottles on the foot, one bottle on each foot, and one bottle on the chest and back. It's really warm and hot. You can burn a few more bottles if you feel cold!

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