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Do You Know The Advantages of Roof Top Tent?

Jul. 09, 2018

We are China 3-5 Person Roof Top Tent Manufacturer and today we give  a brief introdction if the advantages of Roof Top Tent.

1. Pitching Simplicity: It Is engineered for quick setup.

2. Once in camp, you undo a few straps, pop it up and set up the poles and ladder.

3. Beefy structure: Typically, the floor, tent cloth and rod materials are extra robust and able to withstand stormy weather.

4. Comfort: Most include a super-plush foam mattress.

5. Camp everywhere: Place up at a campground, parking lot, distant dirt trail, wherever. No need for a fresh tent pad, however a flat place is nice to have.

3-5 Person Roof Top Tent Manufacturer

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