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What Tools do you need to Prepare for a Self-Driving Tour?

Mar. 31, 2020

As a Soft Roof Tent Supplier, share with you.

Common Items and Utilities

Regarding this part, if it’s too old to talk about it, it ’s too much to talk about, so I will directly list you the list of commonly used self-driving travel items, you can adjust it according to your own situation, or you can clean it up and check it again, maybe here Something you didn't expect.

Vehicle Awning For Camping

Vehicle Awning For Camping

Sunglasses, headphones, earplugs, eyecups, cameras, chargers, mobile phones, power banks, laptops, mobile hard drives, paper maps, flashlights, raincoats, rain gear, trekking poles, selfie sticks;

Winter, summer, jacket, underwear, swimwear, swimming goggles, swimming cap, socks, shoes, daily necessities (toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, bath, cosmetics, skin care, sunscreen, laundry detergent, washing spirit, slippers, pajamas), shaving Knives, scissors, nail clippers, Swiss army knives, hangers, towels;

Water, snacks, chewing gum, thermos cups, instant food (instant noodles, mustard, sausage) garbage bags, toilet paper, wet paper towels;

Tents, sleeping bags, moisture-proof mats, blankets, wire cutters, folding stools;

Medicine box: medications, band-aids, gauze, cold medicine, antipyretics, allergy medicine, motion sickness medicine, thermometer, insect repellent medicine.

Budget and reserves

Since you have to travel by car, you have to face a very practical problem: money, and determine the travel time in advance to determine the budget, which is mainly eating, living, traveling, playing, and buying. There is no need to elaborate on food and accommodation. In addition to refueling and high-speed fees, if you are driving a long distance, you must reserve the costs of maintenance and repair adjustments. The cost of playing is mainly the tickets for scenic spots and various entertainment venues. Buying is the cost of souvenirs and gifts for family and friends. In addition, reserve funds need to be prepared just in case. Although it has already entered the era of electronic payment, cash is still essential. Many places in self-driving travel do not have ATMs and do not accept electronic payments, so they are still taken out in advance Some cash reserves are more secure.

If your budget is not high, you may wish to take a look at the preparations in advance, such as tents, sleeping bags and other things that are rarely used at ordinary times. Buying second-hand is definitely a money-saving choice for travel.

Finally, I hope you have a self-driving journey of absolute relaxation of body and mind after reading the travel strategy preparations.

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