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What Makes Car Camping Attractive?

Mar. 19, 2020

As a Roof Top Tent Suppliers, share with you.

1. Cultivate outdoor interests and skills; 2. Get close to nature; 3. Build a harmonious family; 4. Environmental protection; 5. Increase stickiness of rural tourism.

Industry insiders said that the rise of self-driving campsites with the development of self-driving tourism and camping is an inevitable product of the development of self-driving tourism, and it is also the next outlet of tourism real estate.

If the words self-driving, parent-child, love, outdoor, countryside, picnic, tent, camping, campfire, starry sky are combined, it is a new rural tourism industry: self-driving camping.

When scenes and experiences are being valued by more and more industries, cars also begin to cross-border, mix and match, and once they play, it is even more crazy!

A car, to be precise, is a private car. It is not only a means of transportation, a means of transportation, but also an important carrier of rural holiday life. We have realized a passion to walk away with our dreams through a private car. We have brought our family back to the garden and lived here. There is no doubt that the private car is already a way of life for us. The infinite vision and imagination of life. Our company also has Roof Top Car Top Tent for sale.

Roof Top Car Top Tent

Roof Top Car Top Tent

Private cars drive rural tourism boom

Rural tourism is entering a grand stage, and capitals and tourists from all walks of life are pouring into the countryside. When summarizing the reasons for the popularity of rural tourism, many related factors were summarized, such as: personality release, return to the pastoral, food safety, parent-child interaction, physical and mental cultivation, favorable policies, and urban depression. Indeed, there are these factors, but in Mu Yao's view, there is only one real reason: the popularity of private cars!

What makes car camping attractive?

1. Develop outdoor interests and skills. Car camping has cultivated camping knowledge, camping skills and the ability to escape in the jungle, survive in the wild, and avoid emergency situations in practice. This knowledge may only be a personal hobby, but once disaster strikes, it will be a life-saving skill.

2. Close to nature. In the environment of blue sky, white clouds and clear water, we look up at the stars!

3. Build a harmonious family. In modern society, many urban families are facing parent-child dilemmas, and many parents are facing the problem of not having time to communicate with their children or not knowing how to communicate. Car camping allows adults to leave their mobile phones and children to leave television. Parents and children face problems that arise in nature together, and work together to build tents. In the process of cooperation, they can experience family relationships and harmonize family relationships.

4. Environmental protection. Use camping to replace scenic hotels and restaurants in exchange for the sustainable development of mountains and rivers.

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